James C. Vowler
Chairman & CEO

James C. Vowler has been an owner/operator of pizza shops since 1991. After starting a Pittsburgh-based pizza franchise, he decided “there had to be something better” and started Unique Pizza Factory to combine the consistency of a major franchise with the quality of a mom-and-pop store. He spent the next ten years building the franchise to include over 20 stores and refining the concept. Mr. Vowler attended Northeastern University.

William J. Vowler

William J. Vowler has held executive positions in companies like Honeywell International, Sensormatic Electronics, and Digital Equipment Corporation, working in the product divisions. During his work with DEC, he helped grow service revenue from $35 million to $750 million, achieving a “Best in Class” profitability of $344 million. Mr. Vowler studied at the Emory Business School, Wharton School of Business, University of Michigan, and Harvard Business School.

Marc Falcone
EVP – Marketing & President – PopsyCakes

Marc Falcone has over 30 years of significant experience in business strategy, execution and operations in the food and internet business segments. Marc has extensive entrepreneurial achievements including being one of twelve delegates elected from Delaware to the 1993 White House Conference on Small Business. He has also served on several Boards of private and non-profit organizations. He oversees all UPZS portfolio brands strategy, sales and marketing initiatives.

Mike Zakany
Founder & President – Jose Madrid Salsa

In 1976, Mike started a restaurant in downtown Zanesville, Ohio. The demand for salsa was a key part of the complete menu; salsa enhanced the flavors of all the dishes served. In 1987, José Madrid Salsa became a reality, named after the family icon and beloved grandfather from Clovis, New Mexico.

Vinny Viola
President – Christopher Street Products

Vinny oversees CSP which offers a diversified product mix of gourmet food and body care products. He also owns a successful retail liquor and wine shop in New York and is partners with Toby Keith, creating “Wild Shot”, which has become the best-selling premium mezcal in the U.S. He has a history of creating and marketing new wine products and flavored rums.

Kevin Serrano
Operating Partner – Unique Pizza TapHouse (Murrieta,CA)

Kevin is a Mastor Franchisee. His region encompasses the Northern Border inclusive of, San Luis Obispo, Kern and San Bernardino counties to the Southern Border of California


Dr. M.S. Reddy
Chairman and President – USA based American Dairy and Food Consulting Laboratories

Famously known as “Cheese King’ because of his notoriously successful cheese & dairy–highly scientific biotechnology-based ingredient business. Dr. M.S. Reddy currently serves as Chairman and President of USA based American Dairy and Food Consulting Laboratories, and International Media and Cultures with twelve manufacturing facilities in eight states.