Dear Future Franchise: Thank you for your interest in becoming a UNIQUE PIZZA AND SUBS franchisee!


On this web site you will find the basic information you need to get started on your journey to owning your own business. We invite you to review these materials and call us if you have any questions.

We are so certain that we have a truly Unique Pizza that we invite you to bring this letter to any of our Unique Pizza and Subs locations and receive one free, any size, any topping Unique Pizza. Let your best judgment prevail.

We look forward to establishing a mutually beneficial business relationship with you.

Company History

Since 1991, James C. Vowler has owned and operated pizza shops. During this time he conducted research, analyzed numerous other pizza businesses and tested recipes to develop a truly unique pizza. There are several successful pizza shops but none of them have what we offer. They simply are not “UNIQUE”. The first Unique Pizza and Subs opened in Millvale, Pennsylvania under the management of Mr. Vowler. There are 18 pizza shops in Millvale’s immediate delivery area and another 12 shops that deliver from outside the area. He chose Millvale for this first location to prove to himself that if Unique Pizza and Subs could be successful there, it would be successful anywhere. We have now opened several locations and are able to offer expansion opportunities through franchisees. The expertise which Mr. Vowler acquired is provided to all franchisees.

The Unique Pizza and Subs franchise is an opportunity to get into the extremely popular pizza business where there is always a demand. Our use of the highest quality ingredients, strict adherence to established methods, consistency, reasonable prices and dependable, friendly service make Unique Pizza and Subs the superior choice for excellent pizza. The winning combination produces loyal customers, the best word of mouth advertising and repeat business.

One of the main reasons why Unique Pizza and Subs is so successful, is because from it’s conception it was developed to be a franchise. The #1 consideration when developing Unique Pizza and Subs was to achieve the CONSISTENCY of a large franchise with the QUALITY of a “mom and pop” shop.

The personal quality locations needed to become a Unique Pizza and Subs franchisee include good financial standing, a high energy level, an ability to build long term relationships and a strong customer orientation.

Investment Cost

Typical restaurant size is 800-1200 sq.ft. without seating and up to 3000 sq.ft. with seating. The following figures represent costs associated with the 800-1200 sq.ft. size. Variations in costs are accounted for by factors such as your management skills, experience and business acumen, local economic conditions such as the prevailing wage rate, the competition and the sales level reached during the initial period. The overall investment range is from $64,800 to $92,400 which includes the following:

  • EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES $35,900 – $49,200
  • LEASEHOLD & FIXTURES $13,400 – $24,700
  • WORKING CAPITAL $2,000 – $5,000
  • INVENTORY $2,500

The initial term is ten years with renewal on a two to five year term basis.

There is a $1,000 additional fee for renewal.

Ongoing fees are a weekly royalty fee of 5% of gross sales and an advertising fee of 3% of monthly gross sales.


Restaurant hours can vary at each UNIQUE PIZZA AND SUBS location. You may choose the times that best suit you and your location although most franchises will be in operation seven days per week from early lunch hours until late night (11:00 PM or midnight.) Your work schedule will be as you design it depending on the availability and capabilities of your managers. At first, you will probably work 8-12 hours per day, seven days a week. You must be on site at least 20 hours per week. It is highly desirable that you be there as much as possible since the person who will do the best job of managing your business is you. You must have a minimum of two UNIQUE PIZZA AND SUBS trained managers on staff and schedule these managers so there is full and complete supervision of staff and absolute compliance with the UNIQUE PIZZA AND SUBS specifed operating procedures when you are not present. There may be some days that you work long hours but, once you have good managers and fully trained staff, you will have more flexibility in scheduling your time.

Yes. This a full time business.

UNIQUE PIZZA AND SUBS does not offer financing but we will help you put a business plan together so you are better equipped to obtain financing.

There is no experience needed. That is one of the best reasons to choose to become a UNIQUE PIZZA AND SUBS franchisee. We have the knowledge and experience to establish you as a business owner and we will continue to support you as a franchisee. We provide all necessary training for owners and managers, including initial on-site training. Franchisees receive ongoing business consulting assistance and results of research and development for continuing operational improvements. With your commitment and our expertise, you will successfully manage your own business.

The franchisor has the right of first refusal. If this right is not exercised, you may sell as long as the potential buyer meets UNIQUE PIZZA AND SUBS qualifications.

There is a regional advertising program and some of the advertising fees will go back into the local markets in the form of print ads, direct mail, coupons, etc.

Yes, you must. Advertising will come from UNIQUE PIZZA AND SUBS’S in-house advertising and, with UNIQUE PIZZA AND SUBS approval, you will conduct your own local advertising campaign. We will be available to help with layout, artwork, etc.

Yes, in order to insure superior and consistent quality, UNIQUE PIZZA AND SUBS requires that you purchase supplies from designated vendors and will recommend vendors for equipment. UNIQUE PIZZA AND SUBS does not make a profit on these purchases.

Yes, you may be awarded the right to acquire additional franchises within your area after your initial franchisee has exhibited success.
You may choose to establish your business with as may partners as you think is feasible for you, with each partner realizing their specific duties and roles.
No. Food products, being perishable, do not require extensive storage space. You will only need a small area (100-200 sq.ft.) to accommodate the dry storage of packaging and service supplies when they arrive until they are used.

You will need premises insurance during construction, workers compensation, liability, fire, theft, and comprehensive insurance for your restaurant.

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Inquire Online

You complete and return the franchise application forms and begin to consider possible locations and to arrange any necessary Financing. We will send the franchise agreement and related documents to you upon receipt of your application. You, your partners, if any, and your attorney should review the agreement. We will assess the information you provide including your Financial data and, within 2 weeks, we will contact you to arrange a “Get Acquainted” meeting. This process gives you and us the opportunity to evaluate each others’ suitability for the franchise enterprise. It is important that both parties are appropriate for each other so that we can experience a mutually beneficial business relationship. Success is reciprocal. Since the reputation and prosperity enjoyed by each individual franchise affects the other restaurants, positively or negatively, your success is priority for us. We are committed to providing you with assistance all along the way.

When you sign the franchise agreement and pay the franchise fee, we will work with you to Finalize the location, design the restaurant and order the initial inventory.

If you have a desire to be successful in your own business and a willingness to commit the resources, we would welcome you as a new franchise owner.

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